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63452 Hanau
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The special area of expertise

Advising and representing companies, shareholders and managing directors, interim management
We advise companies facing a crisis and offer consultation services on transfer restructurings and preparation of insolvency schedules. We have specialist knowledge of issues relating to the liability of GmbH shareholders and managing directors, together with full and limited partners. We can also offer advisory services on insolvency-related matters in the field of labour law, especially as regards further employment or termination of employment in insolvency, the existence of a transfer of operations, payment of insolvency money or auditing and drafting social compensation plans. Interim management is also part of our portfolio.

The MENTOR SOCIETÄT® AG lawyers handle out-of-court and court enforcement of claims against insolvent enterprises, based on title retentions, security assignments, blanket assignments or other security rights. On behalf of our clients, we lodge claims in the insolvency list and monitor the progress of the insolvency proceedings. In addition, we represent companies when making insolvency applications and in insolvency proceedings.

What is more, the MENTOR SOCIETÄT® AG lawyers have a special knowledge of insolvency contestation law. We represent banks, health insurance bodies and companies in contestation proceedings against insolvency administrators.

Out-of-court and court representation of private individuals
Consumers can give us a brief to represent them in out-of-court and court debt reorganisation procedures and in insolvency and residual-debt exemption proceedings. We represent employees when their employer is insolvent, especially by reviewing operational redundancies, social compensation plans and payment of insolvency money.