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Silvia Lackenbauer

took her degree at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main and has worked as a lawyer specialising in insolvency law since 1988. Since 1993, Silvia Lackenbauer has been appointed by various Local Courts to act as a legal expert and insolvency administrator and has been a qualified specialist in insolvency law since 2000.

Silvia Lackenbauer is the deputy chairman of the Rhine-Main Insolvency Code Workgroup.

Specialist in insolvency law

Areas of work

a) Advising and representing companies, especially in connection with

  • crises and transfer restructuring,
  • preparation of insolvency schedules, insolvency applications and representation in insolvency commencement proceedings and insolvency proceedings,
  • insolvency-specific liability of shareholders, managing directors and management boards,
  • contestation suits;

b) advising and representing private individuals in out-of-court and court debt reorganisation procedures and in consumer insolvency and residual-debt exemption proceedings;

c) preparation of expert insolvency reports, handling of standard and consumer insolvency proceedings.