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Michael Ruthardt

took his degree at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main and has worked as a lawyer specialising in general law, road traffic law and civil procedure law (representation in court cases) since 2003.

Michael Ruthardt spent part of his internship with the legal firm of Katz & Seligman in the US city of Hartford in Connecticut. So he also advises and represents clients in contract negotiations in English and conducts legal correspondence having a connection with an English-speaking country.

Since 2005, Michael Ruthardt has worked as a lawyer focussing on insolvency law. Since 2008 he is appointed as insolvency administrator by several insolvency courts and has been a qualified specialist in insolvency law since 2012.

He is a member of the Arbeitskreis InsO Rhein-Main as well as of the Deutscher Anwaltverein.

Specialist in insolvency law

Areas of work

a) Advising and representing companies, especially in connection with

  • filing for insolvency and representation in insolvency proceedings,
  • insolvency-specific liability of shareholders, managing directors and management boards,
  • taxation law issues in insolvency,
  • crises;

b) preparation of expert insolvency opinions for insolvency courts, handling of corporate and consumer insolvency proceedings as insolvency administrator;

c) advising and, in particular, court representation of companies and private individuals in civil law disputes;

d) advising and representation in contract negotiations, including those in English or having a connection with an English-speaking country.

e) interim management.

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